Poverty in India

People across the country of india have to live in poverty everyday. There is not enough food for people to eat, no place to sleep and no access to portable water for drinking.

According to the world Bank report 32.7% of the population in India lives below poverty line, whereas 67.5% service on less than US$ 2per day.

45% of children in India are malnourished. India has  worst infant mortality rate. Most of the people in India live in village and at the same time rural India is facing the hardship of poverty, much harder than urban area.

Why is India still poor?

1. Corruption is regarded as one of the biggest reasons of poverty in India. Numerous scasm in the recent years explain the saga of corruption.

2.In India people basically depend on farming and agriculture in the rural area but due to lack of capital they are unable to do their farming activity and earn, so they become poor and go below poverty line.

3. In India increasing population is not a direct cause of poverty but it is an effect.more people mean the  need of more resources & more food. More population means less access to resources and that results in the poverty of major sector of society.

4.Lack of education in India is another causes of poverty. Many children living in rural area receive a level of education which is very poor. 50% of children living in these area leave school before the fifth grade. A large percentage of dropout are females. Moreover poor people don’t want to work hard and earn their livelihood as they remain satisfied by just begging and this is the reason they don’t send their younger ones to school. Awareness is very important among poor people.They should know the meaning of education.

Urban Poverty

Urban poverty in India is over 25 percent; some 81 million people live in urban areas on incomes that are below the poverty line. At the national level, rural poverty remains higher than urban poverty, but the gap is closing. By 2030, urbanisation in India is projected to reach 50 percent.
The urbanisation of poverty creates problems that effect the quality of life for all residents, problem that cities so far have been unable to resolve.

How to eliminate poverty from India?

To remove poverty from India we need to focus on education, provide more jobs, increase small business, improve health system , upgrade our infrastructure, control over population.

Can one change an entire country?

India also needs a more effective tax system as its private sector grows. This will give it enough to finance the right pro-poor policies and review their efficiency. Recently, the decentralization of the administration was an attempt to improve such efficiency. However, as local governments were left with more power of oversight, the anti-poverty programs had in fact worse results than before.


People see poverty all around them in India, but they are desensitized or immune to it. I came to the conclusion that poverty is driven by lack of education.
What do you think? Can India ever be a developed country? Can poverty ever be eradicated from India? If so, how  can this be done and when will we achieve this?


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